Month: March 2019

  • Essential Oils -Part 3

    Essential Oils -Part 3

    Safety Issues and how to handle essential oils.  Safety in any business or industry is critical.  The food industry, the clothing industry, the car industry etc. Remember this is a lesson in learning all we can, going slowly to better understand.  These are the basics: Be aware of safety precautions.  Keep out of the reach of […]

  • Essential Oils -Part 2

    Essential Oils -Part 2

    I recently read , on Pinterest, an article about essential oils and their respective companies.  Of course, I had to read as mine was one of the companies.  Boy, that article really shook the bushes and had everyone wanting to be heard.  I don’t believe I have ever seen so many comments from a blog. The […]

  • Essential Oils – an update on learning. 3/12/21

    Essential Oils – an update on learning.  3/12/21

    Essential Oils and plant extracts have been forever a part of history.  Essential oils have been found in many flowers and shrubs.  Europe has had rigid standards and controls in place for a long time on essential oils.  Aroma therapy has in many instances fallen prey to exaggerated claims, however pure essential oils containing no […]

  • Learning how much there is that can benefit us in the world of Young Living Essential Oils.

    Learning how much there is that can benefit us in the world of Young Living Essential Oils.

    Sharing as I learn and want you to learn.  Did not know anything when I first became an independent distributor for Young Living.  Never in my wildest when we left our home that morning to go to a craft show, did I think I would come home as an independent distributor. A good idea for […]

  • Case managers!  What is/are their roles?

      Their role is to follow up, either before, during or after a medical event. That is their job! Problem is to learn how to work effectively, efficiently and pleasantly with them. Just sat down to watch your favorite TV program or supper is ready and you want to eat before it is cold. The […]

  • What blogging information is pertinent? Confusing, contradictory at times.

    My mind myinquiringbrain is spinning and I am saying slow down and determine how one piece of information is going to help you.  I will share when I have the answer. Let me tell you I have been doing lots of pinning and reading.  I know I am older, but I am also still smart(that […]

  • Dancing! Kindness! Having a blast!

    At the event we attended this last weekend, there was a young lady, and I do mean young, somewhat overweight dressed in a lovely party dress.   When I first noticed her she was on the dance floor, having a blast following all the dance steps with one of our older granddaughter’s. These were the […]

  • Broken Ankle Wedding! Did we manage?

    Going to a wedding this weekend.  Our grandson Colin is getting married to very nice young lady.  Getting married in March is risky, but getting married in January is even riskier. Our daughter Mary came home many years ago and said, Jeff and I would like to get married in January.  I believe I shrieked, […]