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Essential Oils -Part 3

Selection of essential oils with various herbs and flowers in the background

Safety Issues and how to handle essential oils.  Safety in any business or industry is critical.  The food industry, the clothing industry, the car industry etc.

Remember this is a lesson in learning all we can, going slowly to better understand.  These are the basics:

  1. Be aware of safety precautions.  Keep out of the reach of children.
  2. Store in a cool dark area.
  3. Always keep a carrier oil such as olive oil , coconut oil to  treat a skin irritation. Do not flush an oil with water.
  4. Pregnant women always consult a physician or nurse practitioner before starting any type of a health program.  If you become interested in any essential oils, be sure you have educated yourself thoroughly.
  5. Being treated for a medical condition, consult your physician before starting an essential oil.
  6. Use oils in very small amounts, a drop or few drops to be sure your skin does not react negatively.
  7. Children – use caution and check with your medical person about a child and essential oils.  Some essentials oils are safe to use with children, some are not.  Error on the side of caution and check with your physican.
  8. Do not put essential oils in your ear canal. May use around the ear.
  9. Do not use around eyes.
  10. Watch for allergic reactions.
  11. Before ingesting any oil, be sure it is supposed to be ingested. Check with your medical person before ingesting any oil, not listed as can be taken internally.

The above are just some things to remember when learning about essential oils.  I know I have missed some.  Err on the side of caution, as you begin to learn safely how to use essential oils.

Let me know under comments (on my blog) if you have question you have not had answered.

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Essential Oils -Part 2

I recently read , on Pinterest, an article about essential oils and their respective companies.  Of course, I had to read as mine was one of the companies.  Boy, that article really shook the bushes and had everyone wanting to be heard.  I don’t believe I have ever seen so many comments from a blog.

The writer of the blog was just stating her opinion about the subject.  I am not sure if I was more upset by the comments or the article.  Then I thought isn’t it wonderful, that we live where people have the freedom to express their opinion.

Essential oils and the world of essential oils is not any different than any other business.  The problem is everyone wants you and I to state an opinion similar to theirs immediately, without looking at all the facts.

The solution, in my mind, is we need to decide for ourselves what we want to do.  If your interest is in aromatherapy, essential oils and plant therapy then educate yourself.  That does not mean you have to become certified ( my opinion).  You need to look at the 5 things I listed in Part 1 and see if you are ready to learn more about the world of essential oils.

Let me know under comments (on my blog) if you have question you have not had answered.

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Essential Oils – an update on learning. 3/12/21

Essential Oils and plant extracts have been forever a part of history.  Essential oils have been found in many flowers and shrubs.  Europe has had rigid standards and controls in place for a long time on essential oils.  Aroma therapy has in many instances fallen prey to exaggerated claims, however pure essential oils containing no additives can be of benefit physically and mentally if used correctly and safely.  In order to do that we, you and I and the general public must become well educated.

Can we benefit from essential oils!  Yes, we know that, but it depends on what we are wanting to happen.  The benefits only come when you understand that.  Think about the following:

  1. What you want to accomplish by beginning to use oils.  An example – relief from headaches, sleep better or become a calmer individual.
  2. Are you willing to do the homework to understand how to use essential oils properly.
  3. Evaluate the benefit to you after you have used correctly for a certain period of time.
  4. Recognize that many essential oils have more than one benefit.
  5. Keep a journal of  all your essential oil recipes to share with others when questions are asked.   Laugh at yourself if you come up with a good recipe, but maybe the smell is not what you really wanted.

Let me know under comments (on my blog) if you have questions you have not had answered. My oils of choice come from Young Living.  Have enjoyed being associated with them.

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Learning how much there is that can benefit us in the world of Young Living Essential Oils.

Sharing as I learn and want you to learn.  Did not know anything when I first became an independent distributor for Young Living.  Never in my wildest when we left our home that morning to go to a craft show, did I think I would come home as an independent distributor.

A good idea for all of us is to see a general overall picture of what is available with Young Living Essential Oils.

Here is some of the information I am going to share with you during my learning journey:

  1. Learning more about the quality of our oils
  2. Not being afraid to try new things and being able to explain why!
  3. Oils, Oils and more oils. What is a base oil?  What oils to use for recipes & how.
  4. Uses of each individual oil
  5. Men’s products
  6. Can you make good smelling scents for both men and women!
  7. Starter kit as a Mother’s Day Gift? Why!  Why not!
  8. Make up
  9. Oils for cooking
  10. Oils for children
  11. Diffusers

These are just a few things that I could think of right now.  Will be letting you know successes and not so successful ventures.  Join me.  Let me know under comments (on my blog) if you have questions you have not had answered.

The link below is to shop as a customer

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Case managers!  What is/are their roles?


Their role is to follow up, either before, during or after a medical event. That is their job! Problem is to learn how to work effectively, efficiently and pleasantly with them.

Just sat down to watch your favorite TV program or supper is ready and you want to eat before it is cold. The phone rings and it is your case manager!  Oh no, but remember this is his/her job to be sure you are following the directions given to you by your physician/counselor.

Case Managers job is important so why not compromise with he/she and set up a plan that is workable for both of you.

  1. Establish an appropriate time for the call. Find out if this call will be weekly, monthly or otherwise.
  2. Find out what information will be needed for each call, such as blood pressure readings. Maybe you are working on a weight loss plan and your case manager/case coordinator needs to know number of pounds lost or gained.
  3. What about balance issues. Will this be a topic of discussion during the call? Do you use a cane or a walker?  Have you fallen?
  4. Is physical therapy necessary due to your condition? Be ready to discuss briefly, but truthfully.
  5. Counseling? Considered part of the plan or not? Was it recommended as part of your care plan?

OK! You have a case manager!  Be prepared for the call.  Discuss what else is available, if current plan is not working.  Always be sure your options are covered by your health plan.#casemanager#casecoordinator#healthplans#weightloss

Revised from 9/23/18

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What blogging information is pertinent? Confusing, contradictory at times.

My mind myinquiringbrain is spinning and I am saying slow down and determine how one piece of information is going to help you.  I will share when I have the answer.

Let me tell you I have been doing lots of pinning and reading.  I know I am older, but I am also still smart(that is me talking to myself)  Very conflicted!  One blogger tells me how I should do board covers. Worked very hard doing board covers.  Still have a bit to do yet.  Looking good, I think.   So I start looking for a pin to repin and reading the information with it. Wham!  Right in front of me—  Don’t waste your time on board covers!!!!  Maybe I will tear my hair out.

Decisions#bigdecisions to make.    Design a plan that I want to work for me.

How to do this?

  1. One thing at a time.  Start out with a design.
  2. Limit money spending.  Told all the time have to spend money to make money. Not right now.
  3. Try to figure out who is going to read my blog.
  4.  Stop thinking each and every free item on blogs has to be clicked on and worked on.  Be selective.
  5. Thank those that help  and let blogger know exactly what benefited me.

Going to start as soon as possible on plan!   Will update you on my progress (when I can) and outcomes!  Who knows maybe you will like some of my answers.  Have you ever read or followed my blog?  Follow me on Pinterest.

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Dancing! Kindness! Having a blast!

At the event we attended this last weekend, there was a young lady, and I do mean young, somewhat overweight dressed in a lovely party dress.
When I first noticed her she was on the dance floor, having a blast following all the dance steps with one of our older granddaughter’s. These were the dances that the younger generations love to move with.
She never faltered in her steps and following , our granddaughter in whatever she did. Making her shoulders and hips move as our granddaughter’s did. Wanted to thank our granddaughter for caring and her kindness.
I heard later that this young lady is not always treated nicely at the school she attends. Made my heart sad, but I say kudos to her, for getting up to dance and for having a terrific time dancing her heart out.  She could have just sat in her chair.
I need to think about this but maybe what is known today as bullying is something I can talk more about another day#dancing#blast#terrific time
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Broken Ankle Wedding! Did we manage?

Going to a wedding this weekend.  Our grandson Colin is getting married to very nice young lady.  Getting married in March is risky, but getting married in January is even riskier.

Our daughter Mary came home many years ago and said, Jeff and I would like to get married in January.  I believe I shrieked, January, we could have a blizzard. You never know in Indiana.

Two days before the wedding, my husband went to make the final payment on the hall for the reception with another daughter and her husband.  The parking lot at the hall was very icy and he fell.  He came home with a very swollen ankle and could not stand on it.  To make a long story short, we went to the emergency room the next morning and he insisted on a walking cast for his broken ankle.

The day of the wedding was beautiful.  The bride was walked down the isle by her father in his walking cast.  He even danced with her at the reception.

The moral of the story plan all your wedding either in the good old hot summer or the beauty of fall.