Month: February 2019

  • Word that I despise. Professional growth? No!

    F____k.  This blog is my opinion only.  I find that word very offensive.  Why!  Don’t know why and several younger people have said to me, it’s just a word ! I know that!  It is impossible for me to believe when someone who is trying to improve their station in life grammar, writingskills, impress management,  […]

  • Crazy! Adorable Yellow Chicken Rain and Garden Boots.

    Visit My Amazon Affiliate, which you can get to by going to in the home and click  kitchen and home accessories across the top of my blog.  There you will find the cutest pair of Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Boots.  Sizes 6-10.  I put out the yellow chicken boots because I  just loved […]

  • Creative Magic? Maybe! Great grand baby quilt.

    Creative Magic? Maybe!  Great grand baby quilt.

    We are going to begin looking at baby quilt fabric and decide on what fabric the mother to be would like.  It may end up not being baby fabric at at all. It could be something #supercreative and #inspiremagic!  Sarah is very creative with a good eye for design and color. All our grandchildren have […]

  • Blogging, an opinion, a challenge!

    Blogging is a challenge on some days and on other days it appears to be very easy.  Words seem to flow out of your brain and you are very proud of yourself.  Then comes the hard part, putting it together into some type of plan that you can share with others.  You think to yourself, […]

  • Great Grandparents! We are feeling excited and blessed.

    Just found out this last week that our granddaughter and her husband are going to become parents.  Needless to say we are all very excited, but it is too soon to begin buying baby presents.  That doesn’t mean I can’t blog about babies though.  They are part of my niche, home, family and health / […]

  • Eclectic! Maybe not, expressions of love for Mother’s and Father’s Day

    For a long time I have sometimes thought, Dads are not as celebrated on Father’s Day as are Mother’s on Mother’s Day.  Whenever I see Dads at restaurants on Father’s Day, I think!! Oh boy, I bet they are loving this.  Now I could be all wrong, but, can’t help wondering.  Here are a few […]

  • Fitness#goals#motivation, rather than Chunky#plumpish#oversized?

    If one of your goals for 2019 was exercise, where are you at now? What was your plan of action? Exercising daily, biweekly or weekly. How were you going to put your plan of action in place? Were you going to exercise at home on a treadmill? Were you thinking of walking a mile at […]

  • February – Right around the corner,Ground Hogs day, Valentine’s Day and Spring Cleaning!

    February – Where did January go? Before we know it Spring will be here. When I was young our mothers always did what was called spring cleaning. Believe me we all worked. So I am thinking about my spring cleaning list or the big to do list. If you can not afford to get someone […]