Month: January 2019

  • Young Living Essential Oils

    New adventure promoting Young Living Essential Oils. I am truly impressed with how they work on the highest quality of their oils and the messages they send out with their Seed to Seal process. I am what is called a newbie, but that is OK. Right now I am a newbie in several areas. Always […]

  • January -for a tech deficient relatively new blogger, was extremely busy!

    January has absolutely flown by. With the helpful expertise of our grandson (Will- college graduate) my blog has improved, all the design work on my Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, has been with the creative influence of Will. Hope you have visited one of those sites to see what has been accomplished and what is a […]

  • 14 Suggestions to come up with a workable budget – 2019

    14 Suggestions to come up with a workable Budget. 2019 Are you ready to begin working on a budget? This plan is setup more toward a family, but a single person could also definitely benefit from it. You decide how to begin and incorporate expenses and saving in your plan. It may take some time […]

  • Presents this last year! 2018

    For presents this year I decided that I would buy my husband a nice hoodie from Fanatics and new pillows from My Pillow, (both Affiliates of mine). They were both truly delightful experiences with deliveries being on time before Christmas and the orders being complete. The Notre Dame hoodie is so nice looking. It is […]

  • Young Living Essential Oils !What to buy when.

    Just like starting a budget you evaluate your needs and pace yourself, on buying Young Living Essential Oils.  When you are just delving into the world of essential oils. look into everything that comes in your Premium starter kit.  Take everything out of the box and identify each and every item.  I have heard that […]

  • Chronic pain/illness,describe it, define it.

      Chronic pain is there no answer? I am reading many things about chronic pain and have come away with such a sense of sadness and wanting to help.  It sounds so trite, when I write it, but it is true..  In talking about chronic pain, there are so many kinds you wonder what the […]

  • Using Young Living Essential Oils or any essential oils.

    It is important to start slow when using essential oils.  Use common sense. Always have a pure carrier oil on hand.  Carrier oils will dilute an essential oil if you have a reaction or skin irritation. Further discussion of carrier oils and their benefit will be discussed later. Keep the essential oil tightly sealed and […]

  • What does the word poor mean to your family!

      Here we are almost to June and reflecting on how your family would define poor! Rewriting this blog as I felt it needed updating from January.   Sometimes poor is a state of mind and other times we just don’t know how to manage our lives. How to say no!  We slide from one mess […]

  • Mini step to help banish negativity

      The definition of negativity is habitual skepticism. If it is constant your friends have begun already saying to you, you are so negative!  Try being positive. Begin by tackling only one thing at a time to banish skepticism from your thoughts.  A mini step! Exercise is a good starting point.  We all know there […]