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Young Living Essential Oils

New adventure promoting Young Living Essential Oils. I am truly impressed with how they work on the highest quality of their oils and the messages they send out with their Seed to Seal process.

I am what is called a newbie, but that is OK. Right now I am a newbie in several areas. Always trying to learn.

We love using lavender in our diffuser. It has made such a difference in our sleeping patterns. I used to stay up at night from about 1AM to 4AM, after I had read for about an hour in bed. This was not a one night thing, but something I knew would happen repeatedly. Since Christmas when we started using our diffuser (another blog) with 4-5 drops of lavender oil and distilled water. I usually sleep most of the night. I can honestly say I have only gotten up one night and then I only stayed up about an hour. It has been amazing. My husband is interested learning about other oils now. For example what can be blended and what can not.
Just got some new oils(new to me) to try out and I will share the results and my husbands thoughts with you. If you have any questions let me know. If you are interested in what else is available, I have listed my member number below to use to find out about membership and distributor ship.

Want to join the Young Living Essential Oils adventure? Become a member here!

Looking for Young Living products for you and your home? Shop here!

Young Living Logo

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January -for a tech deficient relatively new blogger, was extremely busy!

January has absolutely flown by. With the helpful expertise of our grandson (Will- college graduate) my blog has improved, all the design work on my Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, has been with the creative influence of Will. Hope you have visited one of those sites to see what has been accomplished and what is a work in progress. He is so talented and can make a computer literally fly.

We have met two times now and each time I am totally amazed at what he can accomplish. I tell him what I know needs done and he gets it. Some times I totally understand and other times I honestly say, “I could never, in a hundred years have done that by myself. We do not always agree on colors and designs, but eventually we come to something we both like.

He understands that this is all new to me. We did not do this type of thing when I was in college. Even then this is not what I would have thought I would ever be doing. Now everything is intriguing, interesting and certainly a new education for me.#techdeficient#newblogger#creativeinfluence.

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14 Suggestions to come up with a workable budget – 2019

14 Suggestions to come up with a workable Budget.
Are you ready to begin working on a budget? This plan is setup more toward a family, but a single person could also definitely benefit from it. You decide how to begin and incorporate expenses and saving in your plan. It may take some time to find the right plan for you and your family. It’s OK to start small, but be determined to start. Don’t procrastinate! Start!
What if you sit down and have an honest discussion with your husband/wife or partner. No distractions and begin to work on the 14 items listed below. The 14 items listed are suggestions to work off of and something that has been helping us for years now.
Come up with a genuine plan of action, write it down, so you don’t forget it. Start with scrap paper, as you may tear it up several times. You may also think of something that I have forgotten.
***Ready, start, go! Someone has to take the lead. Don’t argue! Discuss.
1. Gather all your bills together. If everything is done electronically get a copy of your statement and begin working from it. I’ll bet you are spending money you are not even aware of until the next budget discussion or the end of the month.
2. Have a calendar available that you will use only for your budget. Do in pencil. Put due dates on calendar so you don’t forget. Hang that calendar in your kitchen or office as a reminder of payment due. Even electronic payments need to be checked on. I hope you are checking your electronic statements!
3. Come up with a workable budget sheet for you. Try something like this one below. Keep adding to it until your whole budget is in front of you. Change it as often as you want until you have something that is working for you.
POSSIBLE BUDGET WORK SHEET – Do a spreadsheet or table. Across the top, add these columns. The last column can be the money you have coming in or it can be the first column if you want. The money coming in and the fourth column should tally when you get everything sorted out. You can always add more columns, if you find that helpful.
First Column – Name of Bill
Second Column – Amount of Payment
Third Column – Due Date
Fourth Column -Amount Paid/Spent – Add an E for electronically, Ch-check and C-cash.
Start with Mortgage/Rent Example
Due -$900.00 1st of month Electronically Pd 900.00 on 1st of month.

Then do Utilities
Water- Utilities- Get on budget plans if you can
Food-Make list! Try hard to stick to your list.

Car-gas money, No car? Bus, Bicycle, Car Pool

4. Be sure when you finish putting your big items on the budget sheet, continue on with the rest of your necessary budget. You add in the smaller items such as dining out, lunch money and spending money. Whatever you want to name them- miscellaneous. extras is up to you.
5. Charity! The following are things for you to think about. Do you give to others? Do you give to your Church? How will you handle Christmas spending this year 2019. Especially if you decide to send your credit cards bye, bye.
6. Always include how much you spend for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings during the year. Do you budget for haircuts and or beauty shop visits? If you can do your own hair, consider that a win, win situation.
7. The first 4 items listed above on your budget sheet should not be deleted. These are necessities of life as far as I am concerned. If you do not figure out how to handle these monthly or bi-monthly, you will struggle more and more. You will continue to live from paycheck to paycheck.
8. Where are you going to list (when you use your debit or credit card on the spur of the moment), so it shows in your budget?
9. How do you manage things like home maintenance, car maintenance etc. What about your lawn mower or your snow blower? Need to plan on a savings of some kind. Do not touch once you start it. Call it a hands off account, Call it an emergency account, Call it a save for new car budget.
10. Another tough one! Internet, telephones and television! Possibly you will want a family discussion on this one. Who is responsible for phone bills? Are your children limited on their phones?
11. Clothing! Can you turn yourself into a thrift shopper? Do you have teenagers? Do they have charge cards?
12. If you do not have insurance through your job, how are you going to pay your medical expenses? Do you have to pay estimated taxes?
13. What about school tuition, school supplies, school loans. Day care! Do you have to pay association dues of any kind? You get the idea.
14. Let’s go back to Food! A list is essential, but even more essential is when do you incorporate things like dog food, cat food, baby food, diapers, formula, cleaning supplies, toiletries etc. Not really food items but things most people buy when grocery shopping. Do you use one paycheck just for food and try to get the other items in the second paycheck if you are paid bi-monthly?
**At the end of each month you should have accounted for all your money. What your expenses (going out) are versus the income you are bringing home. If you have money left over you are not understanding budgeting.
Be patient with yourself. If nothing else try to change one or two things that you are currently doing to make your budget more manageable. Reward yourself if you accomplish one of your budget goals. Now don’t go overboard on the reward. Credit yourself with moving forward and trying to change.
I hope you have found this information helpful. Remember they are just suggestions to get you thinking. If you have any questions , please email me and I will try to help with some positive suggestions.

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Presents this last year! 2018

For presents this year I decided that I would buy my husband a nice hoodie from Fanatics and new pillows from My Pillow, (both Affiliates of mine). They were both truly delightful experiences with deliveries being on time before Christmas and the orders being complete.

The Notre Dame hoodie is so nice looking. It is 100% polyester and feels great. It has washing instructions, which say wash with like colors, inside out. Do not use softeners. It does not say but I believe when it is time to wash I will hang it up to dry. I want to be careful of the logo. My husband really enjoys the hoodie and has told me it is warm. Thank you Fanatics. Good job. Drop into their website some time for a visit.

My Pillow is an instant success. The box the pillows came was so small, I could not believe there were 2 regular pillows and 2 small pillows. The packing is phenomenal. The instructions are easy to understand, but you need to read them. You can then use the pillows right away. We have been sleeping so much better and attribute part of it to the new pillows. A big thanks to My Pillow. Try them you won’t be disappointed.

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Young Living Essential Oils !What to buy when.

20190116_192919_burst01_resized (2)

Just like starting a budget you evaluate your needs and pace yourself, on buying Young Living Essential Oils.  When you are just delving into the world of essential oils. look into everything that comes in your Premium starter kit.  Take everything out of the box and identify each and every item.  I have heard that many times people are slow to take to take things out of their Premium Kit Box and it really delays the time the education process begins. It is so interesting.

If you are going to buy as a member, you want to know what you are buying and why.  There are so many items available, not only wonderful essential oils, but also cleaning (Thieves) supplies and beauty items.  If you are going to become a distributor, the questions you need to ask yourself are: Is my spouse or partner on board with this?  What will our budget stand? Does this need to become a budget item that will show each month?  Young Living Essential Oils, should be a fun adventure, that is going to lead you to a healthier life style and a great education. #essentialoils#Younglivingessentialoils

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Chronic pain/illness,describe it, define it.


Barb's Selections -Board Cover

Chronic pain is there no answer? I am reading many things about chronic pain and have come away with such a sense of sadness and wanting to help.  It sounds so trite, when I write it, but it is true..  In talking about chronic pain, there are so many kinds you wonder what the answer is. Chronic pain, describe it, define it.

There is the chronic pain associated with the mind, body and soul.  There is the feeling of helplessness the person has, but there is also the feeling of helplessness a friend, co-worker, doctor, clergy and social worker or psychiatrist has when they want to help.  Also I am sure a sense of frustration on the part of everyone.

Several place I read what a daily struggle it is dealing with chronic illness.  Putting a smile on your face, telling everyone you are fine and inside you are hurting. You wonder if you can finish the day out.  There was a general feeling of I will just hide away from everyone.  My wandering mind said will that help you?

Anything that is chronic, you take one day at a time.  Trying new things to change one thing.  Changing one thing and not relapsing.  Are you following the instructions given to you by your mentor, counselor or physician?  Try keeping a journal to express your feelings, so at your next visit you can share.  Do you even remember what was said and what you were supposed to work on or try to do before your next visit?  Solutions are hard to come by#definechronicpain#describechronicpain#describechronicillness

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Using Young Living Essential Oils or any essential oils.

It is important to start slow when using essential oils.  Use common sense. Always have a pure carrier oil on hand.  Carrier oils will dilute an essential oil if you have a reaction or skin irritation. Further discussion of carrier oils and their benefit will be discussed later.

Keep the essential oil tightly sealed and out of the sunlight.  Be safe with your oils and keep them out of the reach of children.  More dos and don’ts of essential oils    

Keep away from your eyes                                      

 Do  not put directly into your ears, only used around the ear.

Pregnant women and anyone with a medical issue, should always discuss using essential oils with a physician.    

If a skin irritation should occur, read carefully how to dilute the oil and handle the situation.  When you are learning about essential oils, it might be beneficial for you to keep a record of what oils you like, how each reacted to your body.  Essential oils can have therapeutic effects, but it is important to look at your overall health.#Younglivingessentialoils#therapeuticeffects.  Interested in learning more, please email me or use the information listed below.

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What does the word poor mean to your family!


Here we are almost to June and reflecting on how your family would define poor!

Rewriting this blog as I felt it needed updating from January.   Sometimes poor is a state of mind and other times we just don’t know how to manage our lives. How to say no!  We slide from one mess to another instead of taking time to focus on cleaning up one mess, before getting into another one.  Some families give the appearance, as do their children of being very wealthy, when they are living off credit cards, owe everyone, are scared to death of what the next day is going to bring.

Remind your children, grandchildren, stepchildren,  what they have to be really grateful about such as:

Love from parents grandparents . May not always show it, but it is there.

A family that stays together, even when the going gets so tough.

A chance to pray! Reflect! Meditate.

A roof over their heads.  Utilities that are paid so you have heat in the winter, and are able to be cool in the summer.

A chance to save if you have a job.  Get a savings plan started so you will feel rich when you see how it has grown.

Food on the table.

Pets and more pets and then more pets.

Clothing, maybe not the most expensive, but why would you want expensive anyway, in a couple of months you will have grown and need new outfits.

Friends who are allowed to come to your house.

With summer fast approaching we need  to remind our children to get outside and play.  Exercise, ride bicycles, help with laundry, keep the house clean  or help work in the yard.

Journal about your summer and what your child, children do to make it a good summer.#definepoor#parents#savings


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Mini step to help banish negativity

Barb's Selections -Board Cover


The definition of negativity is habitual skepticism. If it is constant your friends have begun already saying to you, you are so negative!  Try being positive. Begin by tackling only one thing at a time to banish skepticism from your thoughts.  A mini step!

Exercise is a good starting point.  We all know there is a reluctance on our part to get started. Could that be the old negativity still working on you.  Consider whether or not a treadmill would be to your advantage.  Check out the items listed under Health and Fitness on this blog.  Work out a short walk routine that will be beneficial to you.  But, But exercise is hard to fit into my daily routine. Be flexible, be confident, remove adversity, and decide the following:

  • Mornings versus Evenings!
  • Walk, Treadmill or Gym.
  • Two, Three or Four times a week.
  • Define your plan and progress with willingness.
  • Make a chart, date and show your progress, with pictures.

Reward yourself when you begin to feel better with a new winter sweater or sweat shirt from one of our buyers listed on the blog.  Buy a coffee mug that says, I can do this, watch me SMILE. .#dubiousness#adversity#eagerness#willingnesstotry

Revised 1/2/2019