Month: December 2018

  • Most important skill in a relationship!

    On Pinterest To me, the most important skill is good communication.  If you do not have this you are heading for trouble, even if the problems are small at this time, they  magnify themselves eventually.  All of a sudden you will notice an increase in stress, untruths being told, children getting involved and hard feelings […]

  • Year end (2018) around the corner

    I want to wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.  2018 was a very interesting year.  I decided to do Pinterest, to help one of our daughters find gluten free recipes, ended up starting a  blog.  It has been very much an educational process. At a recent craft show I spoke with a […]

  • Understanding Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing has become an interesting challenge for me. Totally lost when I began and really didn’t understand.   I thought that I needed to get Affiliate Marketing up and going ASAP.  Let me tell you,  slow down and really research. The affiliate’s I have, are super, good customer service and helpful employees.  My problem is, […]

  • Site Page on Blog

    Do your site pages include good information where ever they are located?  Under my site pages you will find things like contact. Written under contact is a statement informing my visitors that my blog contains affiliate links and what happens if you should purchase something from me. I hope it is clear and concise. There […]

  • Organization A Must to Move Forward

    Come and visit my blog.  Why! Because I am learning every day and hope to pass some of that learning on to you.  Organization, organization, organization, I can’t repeat it enough.  As I delve into this blogging business more and more I see how important the above word is.  Not just saying it and writing […]

  • Changes, elimate or lower stress.

    Changes, elimate or lower stress.

    Original blog 12/7/2018 Updated 7/12/21 Stress, are you overcome by the stress in your life?  Do you think you can not handle another day like the one you just had?  Dirty dishes, laundry, kids not behaving, car not working right, rain and more rain, bills to pay. You get the picture. How can you help […]

  • Help with Grammar from Grammarcheck

    What a wonderful thing to be able to copy and put out on your website or blog. Mistakes are often made in grammar, especially when someone is in a hurry. This checklist may be very helpful if you are in doubt as to which word to use. If this helps someone I am delighted that […]

  • 10 Things That Create The Enchantment of The Holidays – updated from December 2018

    10 Things That Create The Enchantment of The Holidays – updated from December 2018

    Enchantment what an awesome word. Wish we could box it up and let everyone experience a bit of it. Here are some of my thoughts on that enchantment for the young and the old. Big shining eyes of small children filled with wonder. Magic of making holiday treats-frosting cookies, licking the frosting off your hands. […]