Month: November 2018

  • Focus of blog in 2019

    Changing the focus, a bit, of  in 2019.  Will be including more about home and family.  Telling stories about our wonderful, multi-cultural, diversified family.  How we come together and always try to remain friends.  The things we have learned from each other, and of course some of the things we disagree on.  We had […]

  • My Blog and Designing Amazing Graphics

    It is great to see what the bloggers who are so artistically talented can design. Not being very artistic myself, I have to do quite a bit of looking around to find something that is stimulating, pleasant to look at, and related to what I am talking about.  Hoping it will liven up the blog […]

  • My Blog and Increasing Traffic

    My Blog and Increasing Traffic. Another step,increasing traffic is happening for me but very slowly. So I am going on faith that it will happen if I keep making the appropriate changes in my blog, on Pinterest, learn Social Media, be consistent, be interesting, figure out what people want, become tech savvy, join group boards […]

  • My Blog and Consistency

    My Blog and Consistency. One step at a time with this blogging. All blogger say that consistency is very important. Consistency to me means blogging in a way that my followers will know there is another article out in my space to read. It to my way of thinking should be at least two times […]

  • My Blog and discovering my Niche.

    In my biography on Pinterest, I said – I am a wife, mother, grandmother and also retired. What am I doing now? Learning new things faster than my mind can absorb them. How to blog, get more traffic, find your Niche. Never thought I would ever do a blog, but here I am struggling along […]

  • Gift ideas & Solutions for that kind teacher you admire.

    •COOKIES- Don’t have to be elaborate. If you are desperate for time use pre-packaged cookie mixes. Then set up for a decorating party with your family. •ESSENTIAL OIL – Find a unique way to stage using a light essential oil scent. Fill small attractive vase or glass with potpourri and add a few drops of […]

  • Donald Duck on the telephone! Maybe, maybe not.

    The magic of being young, enjoying and believing. It’s what we need this holiday season. Disney cup brought back many years ago from a trip to Disney.

  • It’s a BREATHTAKING fall day.

    It is truly a breathtaking brisk fall day. The sun is shining and many of the trees still retain their spectacular beauty in colors of orange, red and yellow. The grass is still green, but not growing so fast. Awesome football weather is definitely here with jackets needed. Maybe even a hat, mittens and a […]

  • Sharing our culture and customs!

    Are you starting to get prepared for the Christmas season in your home. Do you share our culture and customs? Does part of your preparation include a time for mental relaxation. All the hype on the radio and television, plus the chaos in your own home leaves you restless, and maybe thinking of your peace. […]