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Health Plan-General Information

Have you already had meetings at your place of employment discussing the options your employer has put in place for the coming year?

Yes!  Of course the first thing you did was to take the whole package you were given home, and said to your husband, wife, or significant other, we need to read and discuss.   Or maybe everything is done online now.  Either way it is your responsibility to fill out information asked for and return to appropriate person or place.  Most most important finish timely.  Too late to play the he said, she said game when a claim or bill is in question.

But, But I do not use a computer!  How about your phone?   I bet you know how to use it, click to get to the right place, read information and determine what to do.

Understand the options available to you and your family?  If not, you need to discuss with your human resource person, a plan counselor at your place of employment or a member of the health plan team.

A good question to ask if you are a new employee for this employer, do they have benefits for you or when do you and your family become eligible?

More another day!   Take care.  This article is informational only.  Hope it helps.


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Better health means less stress?

Better health means less stress? Good question and I surely do not have all the answers, but maybe the suggestions listed below will help.

Try to get a better handle on the stress in your life. Sounds simple but we know it isn’t.
It seems that we want everything done immediately and if not immediately, yesterday will do.
Everywhere you look there are opportunities for losing weight, getting fit, eating healthy, how to stop smoking! So much is thrown at us, that it becomes difficult to get a handle on what possibly is our core problem. So what happens we become more stressed.
Here are ideas to think about to begin working on that healthier life style you want.
Say a short prayer daily asking for help with your challenges!

Say thank you at the end of the day.

Be motivated! Tiring, yes but it helps.

Small steps forward, be happy!

Share only what you wish with others.

Seek professional help, if needed.

See updated blog done one 10/12/20

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How well do you work with a case manager?

He or she may be called by another name such as a case coordinator and their responsibility is to follow up with you after a hospital admission, maybe prior to a hospital admission and at all times at the direction of your primary care physician or mental health physician. Why it could be at the direction of your benefit plan.
They, being a he or she will be asking questions to see if you are benefiting from the instructions given to you by your physician. What! are you talking about, you say. It isn’t any of their business. Ah but it is their job to find out how wisely you are using your benefits. Are you actually trying to improve your health and work on issues and problems.
The next time the phone rings and it is your case manager, please answer the phone and try to work with he or she on determining if you are progressing with your treatment plan. They make ask you questions such as:
• Have you been monitoring your blood pressure?
• Are you working on a diet plan that will benefit you either to gain
weight or lose weight?
• Have you been exercising? If that is not possible, he or she may ask
you why?
• Are you at risk for any safety issues?
• How is your physical therapy coming along?
• Has a medication safety review been done?
Respect the time of the professional involved. If you feel they are calling too much, discuss that with he or she and set up a better schedule, where you can interact wisely.
You say, I don’t have time!!!! It’s not important! Let me say this to you make time! It is important! Use your benefits wisely!

Confirmation Code: GHVHVDN131880825

Thank you and let us know if you have any questions.

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Second Opinions

Some health plans ask for a second opinion from a board certified physician in the same area as the impending surgery. Beneficial or not! Depends on what you are having done. Below are listed some questions you may have when getting a second opinion.

• What is the benefit of my getting a second opinion?

• What if the second physician’s opinion differs from the first?

• Have you actually had all the tests, visits, x-rays, done that are
necessary to give you an honest second opinion?

• Do you have a case manager or coordinator that you can
discuss your options with?

The above are just questions that I am posing to you. Informational and hoping they will stir up your thinking cap.

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Physician’s Visit

You are going to make a call or go online and make an appointment with your physician. Are you prepared to do this? What do you understand about your health plan and what you have to do prior to receiving the services you seek.

Physician Visit – Are You Prepared?
Use Good Common Sense!
• Respect your physician’s time-Be on time
• Dress Appropriately

Be sure you have:
• Insurance Information with you
Have you read about your health plan?
1. Do you have to be pre-certified prior to a procedure?
2. Do you have to go to a preferred physician?
3. Do you have to meet a deductible?
Do you have a medication List and how you take those medications?
Do you have questions for your physician- Write them out.
• Don’t understand what your physician is telling you!
• Be sure you have someone with you to assist you
• Remember mental health issues may have different requirements
under any health plan.
Be sure and follow up with your Physicians Recommendations.
**Be good about filling out your paper work prior to your visit.

This is an informational article. I hope it is helpful.

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Learning to eat Healthy

One of the definitions of obese in the dictionary is overweight and that is a problem many are facing in today’s society.

Being obese just seems to have crept up on some of us, without us really being aware of what happened. We think we can eat the way we ate when we were younger and it will be alright, but that is not true. Our family has faced many issues with weight and finding the right avenue to maintaining a good weight is a challenge. I myself have struggled with weight probably most of my life. Always weighing more than I should. When one of my physician’s put down obese as one of my diagnoses I was a bit upset. The truth is the truth!

Eating healthy is a challenge that a lot of us face. It means being dedicated to learning. Learning, what ever do you mean!! Learning what you really want for the rest of your life. Do you want to look and feel healthy, trim and fit, then you have to be in control of your life. That means learning to think differently about what you cook, how you cook, what you can afford to eat and possibly your culture. It also means buying in to the process. You can not leave this up to your spouse or your family, but you must be part of learning how to change. Don’t expect someone else to do all the work, because it is work.

Some common sense suggestions: Smaller portions of food, try to eat well balanced meals, drink lots of water to name a few. How about a frank discussion with your physician on what your health issues are or could be. Work slowly changing things, but be consistent. Maybe exercise, but determine what exercise is going to benefit you. What about menu planning at home and not eating out all the time. Just suggestions!

Have a wonderful day! Think positive and be ready for the next stage of your life.

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Healthy Cookbooks

This journey actually began when I innocently said to our daughter, Sue, I would like to help you look for gluten-free recipes. Oh my goodness!! We also decided to look at the carbs. Low carbs were what was needed. The recipes that I have found,so far, are not all #low carb and #gluten- free.

Valid substitutions can be made to adjust these low carb, gluten-free recipes accordingly. In my opinion you need to be a #creative #free thinker to make good substitutions. Adding #spices, #salt and pepper to season to your taste, are a great benefit,if your diet allows it. The cookbooks shown (in the header, under Healthy Cookbooks) maybe would also help you if you know of a family member or friend in a similar situation.

In this little journey talked about above, I have found many recipes that I would like to try. Some are new, and some remind me of recipes used by all of during the years. Healthy is the #trend, so I can’t stop searching. Why! Because staying healthy is a responsibility we all have. Remember portion size! Check with your physician if you like to be more aware of your dietary needs.