Month: September 2018

  • Health Plan-General Information

    Have you already had meetings at your place of employment discussing the options your employer has put in place for the coming year? Yes!  Of course the first thing you did was to take the whole package you were given home, and said to your husband, wife, or significant other, we need to read and […]

  • Better health means less stress?

    Better health means less stress? Good question and I surely do not have all the answers, but maybe the suggestions listed below will help. Try to get a better handle on the stress in your life. Sounds simple but we know it isn’t.It seems that we want everything done immediately and if not immediately, yesterday […]

  • How well do you work with a case manager?

    He or she may be called by another name such as a case coordinator and their responsibility is to follow up with you after a hospital admission, maybe prior to a hospital admission and at all times at the direction of your primary care physician or mental health physician. Why it could be at the […]

  • Second Opinions

    Some health plans ask for a second opinion from a board certified physician in the same area as the impending surgery. Beneficial or not! Depends on what you are having done. Below are listed some questions you may have when getting a second opinion. • What is the benefit of my getting a second opinion? […]

  • Physician’s Visit

    You are going to make a call or go online and make an appointment with your physician. Are you prepared to do this? What do you understand about your health plan and what you have to do prior to receiving the services you seek. Physician Visit – Are You Prepared? Use Good Common Sense! • […]

  • Learning to eat Healthy

    One of the definitions of obese in the dictionary is overweight and that is a problem many are facing in today’s society. Being obese just seems to have crept up on some of us, without us really being aware of what happened. We think we can eat the way we ate when we were younger […]

  • Healthy Cookbooks

    This journey actually began when I innocently said to our daughter, Sue, I would like to help you look for gluten-free recipes. Oh my goodness!! We also decided to look at the carbs. Low carbs were what was needed. The recipes that I have found,so far, are not all #low carb and #gluten- free. Valid […]